GCA 2015/08: Entry/Exit Murfeld

Current PCI Nr.6.26.4
Priority CorridorNSI East
Criteria according to TEN-E-REGULATION, Articel 4, 1.(c)Directly crosses the border of two or more Member States
Criteria according to TEN-E-REGULATION, Article 4, 2.(b)

Market Integration

Security of Supply





Description of project idea 

The cross border point Murfeld connects the market of Austria and Slovenia. The physical flow direction is going from Austria to Slovenia. The project would ensure a reverse flow from Slovenia to Austria. The project is currently in the conceptual phase and the current planning is based on market indications. The most important benefit of the project would be the diversification of supply sources e.g. LNG from the Adriatic area. Due to the fact that the project is currently in the conceptual phase, no date for public consultation is fixed yet.

Project Promoter

Gas Connect Austria GmbH