Gas transport - flexible and efficient from A to B - soon with TRUD!Y

The “Trading Region Upgrade Do It Yourself” (TRUD!Y) service will enable transport customers in Germany to purchase supplies directly from the Central European Gas Hub (CEGH), the virtual trading point in the Austrian market area east. The regulatory feasibility towards Switzerland and the market area Tyrol is also currently being examined.This new, innovative service is developed by European transmission system operators, Gas Connect Austria and bayernets.

In the light of current discussions and efforts towards climate neutrality, TRUD!Y represents an intelligent and contemporary solution, because it relies on the existing infrastructure. Hence, it does not require any additional investments in network expansion. With this, TRUD!Y is also in line with the interests of the European Union to connect markets easily and cost-effectively. At the same time, it fulfills customers' cross-border transport requirements.

Transport customers in Germany, as well as potentially in Switzerland and the market area Tyrol will have an additional option to purchase supplies directly from the CEGH in addition to the virtual trading point NCG (Net Connect Germany). The following figure illustrates the possible transport routes with TRUD!Y at a glance:

Customized solutions - Do It Yourself

With TRUD!Y, Gas Connect Austria and bayernets will give market participants a tool with which they can individually put together guaranteed/firm transports coming from the CEGH depending on their bookings and nominations. The new flexible service enables customers to tailor transport solutions to suit their needs. This makes gas transports more efficient and reduces transaction costs. This is possible primarily by the new DZK product at the interconnection point Überackern, which creates additional firm/guaranteed capacities.

You can find the TRUD!Y product range as well as the booking instructions for the compilation of the desired transport routes here.

When will TRUD!Y be available?


Scheduled start:

CEGH -> Überackern -> Storage Haidach

October 2021

CEGH -> Überackern -> Power plant Schongau

October 2021

CEGH -> Überackern -> Gundremmingen, Leipheim, Aalen, Switzerland

under discussion

CEGH -> Überackern -> Kiefersfelden/Pfronten (Market Area Tyrol)

Regulatory feasibility until April 2022 is currently being examined

Further information and future updates will be announced here and on the website of our partner bayernets under the following link.

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