Baumgarten hub

Our Baumgarten interconnection point in Lower Austria – one of the largest gas hubs in Europe – mainly receives Russian imports, but takes also shipments from Norway and some other countries. These supplies are re-routed to consumption centers in Austria and in Europe via a number of pipeline systems running in various directions. The Baumgarten hub consists of gas reception, metering and testing facilities, and a compressor station.


The following pipelines fan out from Baumgarten:

  • The Trans Austria Gasleitung (TAG) leads southwards
  • The West-Austria-Gasleitung (WAG) runs westwards
  • The March-Baumgarten-Gasleitung (MAB) travels in a northeasterly direction
  • The Hungaria-Austria-Gasleitung (HAG) and Kittsee-Petrzalka-Pipeline (KIP) take southeastward routes

The Gas Connect Austria transit network also includes the Penta-West pipeline (PW) and the Süd-Ost-Leitung (SOL). A system of branch and transfer points along the state-of-the-art network enable optimal management of gas transits for our customers.


The above mentioned pipelines serve the following countries:

  • TAG and SOL: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia
  • HAG: Hungary
  • MAB and KIP: Slovakia
  • WAG and PW: Germany and France, and from west to east, CEE via Austria

The TAG and WAG supply gas within Austria and to neighbouring countries. Distribution to customers in Austria is overseen by our Sales Distribution Department. 

Gas Connect Austria operates one of Europe’s most advanced dispatch centers to handle these large transit volumes. The center maintains ongoing contact with counterparts in Berlin, Essen, Kassel, Milan, Moscow, Nitra, Paris, Stavanger and other locations.

Gas Connect Austria operates the WAG, HAG, KIP, SOL, PW and MAB pipeline and sells the capacity for the decisive points Baumgarten GCA, Baumgarten WAG, Oberkappel, Mosonmagyaróvár, Petrzalka, Murfeld and Überackern on the primary market.